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Torsten Kruse

Torsten Kruse

Position: Internal Medicine Physician

Organization: St. Joseph Health, Mission Heritage Medical Group


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
As an Internal Medicine Physician and Geriatrician for over 30 years, Dr. Torsten Kruse has served his patients with his clinical expertise, compassion, grace, and empathy. Dr. Kruse has dedicated his career to the senior population and his passion for this community is demonstrated on a daily basis. As a member of Mission Heritage Medical Group, Dr. Kruse balances a busy clinical practice with rounding and seeing patients in various skilled nursing facilities throughout South Orange County.

Why should this person be nominated
Dr. Kruse serves his patients and coworkers with excellence, connection, and compassion. An administrator at Mission Heritage Medical Group recently rounded with Dr. Kruse at a local skilled nursing facility. Dr. Kruse introduced every staff member, administrator and patient by name to the Mission administrator. The administrator couldn’t believe that Dr. Kruse knew everyone’s name despite the volume of patients he sees and the various skilled nursing facilities he serves. Dr. Kruse takes the time to build relationships and connects with employees, physicians, administrators, patients and their families. The employees at Mission Heritage frequently comment that he is the kindest and most compassionate physician that they have ever encountered.

Dr. Kruse is also respected as a leader by his physician colleagues both within the medical group and also within the medical staff at Mission Hospital where he has served on various committees dedicated to improving the quality of patient care. He is collaborative, professional, and a true servant leader.

Dr. Kruse is beloved by his patient community. Patients frequently submit comments that reflect his the exceptional, compassionate care that he delivers. One patient recently commented “Dr. Kruse is by far the finest physician I have ever encountered, in terms of his knowledge, sensitivity, listening skills, patience and empathy. Mission Heritage should be proud to have him in their organization and should do everything possible to recognize and retain him.”
Another patient also commented, “Dr. Torsten Kruse is the greatest physician that I have ever had the pleasure to be taken care of by. He is not only a very, very gifted medical man—but is a very, very gifted spiritual man as well. He is so very unique. I thank God every day to be in the care of such a wonderful, exceptional physician as Dr. Kruse. A true gem.”