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David A. Bunch

David A. Bunch

Position: Creator

Organization: The Voice of Parkinson's


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
David Bunch, also known as "The Voice Of Parkinson's, spends hundreds of volunteer hours a month to further educate people with Parkinson's and provide many resources such as support groups, newsletters, seminars, and other educational information. David explains "Everyday something is taken away" as he explains his many support groups he is a facilitator for. David Bunch is also an instructor for PD101 which teaches newly diagnosed people and caregivers of Parkinson's to educate to them, What is PD, what are the symptoms, what are the options, and simply that they are not alone with the huge community he has built. The National Parkinson's Disease Alliance recognized David's incredible amount of volunteer hours and huge impact he has made and awarded him with their Inspirational Service Award.

Why should this person be nominated
David was blindsided by his diagnosis over 5 years ago and was not given much information about the disease, treatment, or symptoms. He retreated home depressed until he was inspired to OWN IT! He used his humor to motivate himself to do hours and hours of self-research. He contacted hundreds of medical universities, neurologists, and clinics to compose his now famous list of Parkinson's symptoms which has hundreds of common symptoms on it. He shares this, along with other educational Parkinson's events, on a State wide Email newsletter that connects thousands of people with the disease to resources and support groups. The weekly newsletter consists of the mentioned symptom list, which allows patients to check off any of the experienced symptoms to expedite doctor appointments. Along with the symptom list includes an EVENTS list which shows any upcoming educational, informational, or research updates held in the community. Lastly, the newsletter holds a list of all of the Parkinson's support groups held in Southern California allowing people to chose which one to attend if any. Within all of this, David spends his time visiting these support groups and hosting other seminars to teach people the course, Parkinson's 101, after he realized there was no course in all of Orange County. David volunteers hundreds of hours a month with a passion to help individuals of Parkinson's and works hard to ensure they avoid the stranded, depressed feelings he experienced.