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Melinda Stilwell

Melinda Stilwell

Position: Community Relations Specialist

Organization: Senior Helpers


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Melinda has had a passion for Seniors since childhood. She was in the banking industry for years until it was time to raise her 3 children. When getting back in the workforce, she really wanted to be in the Senior Care Industry, but was offered a job in Insurance. About a year into her insurance career, she was not happy. Melinda needed to follow her passion and get in to the Senior Care Industry. We, at Senior Helpers, were very fortunate to hire Melinda. She has been our Community Relations Specialist for just over a year now and has proven to us, and the community, that Senior Care is definitely where she belongs.

Why should this person be nominated
When she was young, her Great Granny was in a Convalescent Home where she would go visit several times a week, she had Alzheimer’s. Her Uncle also had Alzheimer’s Disease, he was found lost outside of a grocery store and was taken to a mental hospital because there was not enough awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease at that time.
When Melinda was a teenager she would go to a Convalescent Home in Fullerton and volunteer by painting nails, doing hair, helping with crafts, and just going to the residents rooms to visit with them when they did not have family around. Melinda wanted to brighten each persons day. In high school she would take her friends to the Skilled Nursing Facility by her home to visit before going to the football games (her friends were not too happy, but it brightened Melinda's day knowing she had put a smile on a Senior's face).
Anyone who knows Melinda can see her passion for Seniors. She always has a big smile on her face when talking about her career and how she can help. She enjoys getting out in the community talking with other individuals in the industry about what needs to be done and how we can make a change in the life of our Seniors that need help. When in an Independent or Assisted Living Facility you will often find Melinda talking and interacting with Seniors in the lobby or down the hallways. She has even pulled her car over on the side of the road to help a Senior who was lost and wandering.
Melinda enjoys going to events and lectures to learn all she can about Seniors and how she can help give them a better quality of life.
Melinda has opened her heart to this industry and is an exceptional nominee for Outstanding Senior Care Professional.