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Robert Do

Robert Do

Position: Executive Director

Organization: St. Edna Subacute and Rehabilitation Center


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Robert Do has been serving our senior community for over 13 years. He acted as the Executive Director for Catered Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Long Beach where he worked for 8 years. Robert then moved to St. Edna Sub-Acute & Rehabilitation Center in Santa Ana, where he has been the Executive Director for the past 5 years. With his expertise in Healthcare and Care Facility Operations, he has helped St. Edna smoothly operate its facility programs such as nursing, therapy, and admissions while also playing an important role in strategically planning goals and objectives for the facility to ensure the highest quality of service for the patients that he serves.

Why should this person be nominated
Robert Do has been vital to the success and patient experience at St. Edna. Each department director and team member raves how friendly, approachable, caring, and effective Robert is at his job. Robert is always available when they need help and he would do everything in his power to resolve an issue quickly and correctly – never cutting corners and always putting his patients above all else. Robert always has the patients best interest at heart and wants to make sure their stay at St. Edna meets exceeds expectations, as expressed by his staff, Robert really has a heart to serve the senior population and has dedicated his life and expertise to do so. There once was a staffing challenge during a very high census month, Robert stepped in and led the team to find the right pieces to ensure that the facility ran cool and collected and each patient was treated to exceptional care. In Robert’s mind, there is never room for compromising on patient care. To Robert, patient experience is the most important metric in which to measure both his team and his buildings’ success. Robert truly has a warm heart and a compassionate touch in which he serves his patients. With his attention to detail and dedication to his staff and patients, Robert has shown time and time again he is willing to rise to the occasion and deliver the highest level of excellence and outcomes for the senior community.