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Dung Trinh

Dung Trinh

Position: Physician Investigator

Organization: Irvine Clinical Research/Senior Helpers Nominee


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dr. Trinh has been taking care of Alzheimer's patients for over 20 years, since his Internal Medicine residency at Loma Linda. Every time he made a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease he knew there was only one direction the disease would progress,and it was not a good path. Because it was so difficult for him to see his patients through the end stages of this disease, and watch them digress, he made the decision to dedicate his time to take care of Alzheimer's patients through clinical research, education, and bringing awareness on lifestyle activities to reduce risk of Alzheimer's.

Why should this person be nominated
Dr. Trinh was born and raised in Vietnam during the Vietnam War years, he was the oldest of 4 children. He remembers sleeping under his bed at night in fear that the roof of his house would collapse from the fighting outside. When he was 5, living in Saigon at the time, on April 29, 1975 his family was bused to the Saigon Airport. They waited on the tarmac at the airport, when his helicopter arrived he was told to run and get in. He ran in and sat down, he said at that time he felt a sense of hope for the first time in a long time. His chopper flew over the ocean and landed on the USS Midway. The very next day, April 30, 1975 Saigon fell to the communist and the war was lost. Dr. Trinh met his wife of 20 years while he was attending medical school in New York. They now have 2 children.
Dr. Trinh has now been educating his own patients about Alzheimer's for over 10 years, but realized that by the time patients are diagnosed with this condition, they are already in the moderate stage of the disease and it was like trying to stop a fast running train. He realized that he needed to get the message out to a larger population of patients through public lectures, and that the message needed to get out to patients at an earlier stage of the disease and to patients that are at risk for this condition before diagnosis. That is why he goes into the community and educates. If you have an event you want him to speak at about Alzheimer's, call him. He is always willing to educate..and at no charge.
Dr. Trinh has learned that clinical trials is our only hope for finding a better treatment and eventually a cure for Alzheimer's. Our current FDA approved medications for Alzheimer's fall short of stopping, slowing down, or preventing Alzheimer's disease. It is through clinical trials that we learn about what causes this disease as well as the steps to stopping it.
Dr. Trinh is a physician that is 100% worthy of this nomination. His dedication to his research beyond astounding. He is a dedicated doctor, researcher, educator, and family man. That is OUTSTANDING!