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John M. Alexander

John M. Alexander

Position: Case Manager for Continuing Care

Organization: Kaiser Permmanete


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
John M. Alexander, MSW, is a Case Manager for Continuing Care with Kaiser Permanente, Orange County. He received his degree from the University of Southern California School of Social Work, and has been with Kaiser since 2010.

Why should this person be nominated
John is not just a case manager, he is an advocate for seniors. He focuses on helping connect the senior and family with the correct resources to help them have a life where they can thrive. John doesn’t hand off a case until he has ensured that he has done the best job possible for a positive outcome. This is what makes him stand out from others in his position.

I first met John in 2016 when he was working with the CCRU Team (Community Care Response Unit) of Anaheim. He was helping a number of seniors find assisted living or senior housing due to health conditions that caused them to need more continual care. He is a compassionate man with a kindness that allows the seniors to trust in him to provide real help.

I want to share two stories that resonate with me that show what type of person John is and how valuable he is to our community.
John was called in to help a couple that was living in a mobile home - both were suffering from forms of dementia. Some family members were taking advantage of them; not only living in the home with the couple, but also allowing others to squat there. There was a strong need for intervention from APS because there was severe neglect occurring in this household. John went looking for help in the community in order to get the couple the proper care and attention. He was always polite, kind and understanding of the needs and desires for the couple. With John’s help, we were able to safely relocate the couple to the appropriate care community. We were also to help the daughter living out-of-state get the squatters out of her parent’s home so they could be safe and have the money to pay for their care. John was there every step of the way, easing the transition for these two. This improved their quality of life and it would not have happened without his John and his caring compassion to help seniors through to the right outcome.

Another circumstance that I witnessed that John went above and beyond was where a 91 year old woman was a victim of financial abuse by her daughter. “Betty” did not realize it, but her daughter was taking her social security every month, saying it was to pay for her college tuition and only leaving Betty with rent money. Betty was forgetful, so she did not know the extent of the financial ramifications of this issue; she was being robbed of thousands of dollars a month. Betty was not able to grocery shop any more and was walking to the senior center alone, one mile each way daily for meals. John called us in to help find her an assisted living community to live in. Again, because of his involvement, we were able to gently move her, keep the daughter away, get her a fiduciary and keep her money from being stolen. John helped her connect fully with every aspect of this transition and stayed connected with her until it was all completed.

There are more stories that illustrate his commitment to the care and safety of seniors. He goes above and beyond to make sure that the members he meets get the services they need to live a healthy, happy life.

He is a hero to all the members he helps, and I have not met any other social worker like him!