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Chuck Eusey

Chuck Eusey

Position: Executive Director

Organization: Brookdale Brea Assisted Living


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?

If you have ever spent any time in an assisted living community or worked in one, you are very aware that the Executive Director sets the tone for the entire community. If the staff is not valued, they do not work with joy nor to their full potential. If the residents are not valued, they are unhappy and rightfully so.
Chuck Eusey sets an amazing, happy tone for Brookdale Brea! If you meet him for a tour, you will quickly see how happy and talkative the residents are and what an amazing report he has with them. You will also notice his employees are joyful and engaged.

Why should this person be nominated

Years ago, Chuck used to take care of his Grandmother in an Assisted Living community in the Westminster area. After she passed away he felt like he was missing out on seniors so he volunteered weekly at an Assisted Living community in Irvine for about 8 months. He ran Bingo on Mondays and ate lunch with residents.
Chuck realized that he had a passion for seniors so he obtained his RCFE license, and started as the Business Office Director in a Palm Desert Senior living community and was promoted to Executive Director in only 5 months.

Chuck started in Brea (Emeritus) in October 2013 and has been here for over 4.5 years which is now Brookdale Brea.

A staff member who has worked with Chuck for over two years said, "Chuck is approachable, positive and encouraging. He is constantly acknowledging staff members for the good work they do. Also, he is always available to hear the concerns and opinions of the residents."
There was a resident who was 101 years old. She would often come to the lobby and ask when her family was going to come and visit. He would respond and then he would add “what time is it?” She would say the time and he would respond with “well that means it’s time for a hug!” This was a daily ritual with Chuck and his precious senior resident. He notices residents who are lonely and makes a point to connect with them.
If ever a resident goes to the hospital, Chuck has the residents and staff sign a card and he visits the resident in the hospital bringing with him their favorite cookies, flowers or balloons.
The employees say it’s easy and pleasant to come to work as Chuck is so respectful and appreciative. He doesn’t hesitate to roll up his sleeves and help in the dining room if they are short staffed. He takes orders and serves the residents with joy and humor.
Chuck calls all residents and staff by name and even knows their family members names!
In the last few months, Chuck started teaching a weekly morning Bible study for the residents and employees are welcome to join in as well.
Chuck Eusey is an excellent example of someone making a difference in the lives of seniors every day and he deserves to be recognized as this year’s Outstanding Executive Director! By voting for him every day, you are saying his efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you!