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Derek Mannion

Derek Mannion

Position: Owner and RCFE Administrator Certification

Organization: Alliance Eldercare Senior Placement Service


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Senior care is in Derek's blood!

In 1931 his grandmother, Sophie Mannion, opened the first board and care home in Kaimuki, Hawaii, As a child, Derek's father told him many stories of his grandmother taking seniors into their home and caring for them until they passed away.

Derek's father then cared for Grandma Sophie until she passed away at the age of 91.

Derek considers it a blessing to have passed on Grandma's Sophie's legacy, as his elderly father lived with him until he passed away earlier this year.

Derek completed the RESIDENTIAL CARE FACILITY FOR THE ELDERLY CERTIFICATION, and so for over 10 years, he has been working in the healthcare industry, dedicating his life to helping families find care options for their loved ones that match up with the seniors’ needs. He was the Former Director of Community Relations at AMADA Senior Placements.

Derek is a walking, talking senior care placement concierge...and more! It's no wonder he was recommended by a large and prominent senior health care insurer. Derek provides FULL SERVICE Senior Placement Service and devotes his complete attention to serving your needs. He truly "gets it" that seniors and their families need an advocate-someone to guide them through the daunting maze of Senior Care Options.

His services are FREE! Free Care Needs Assessment, Free Guided Tours, and Free Driving in his comfortable Senior Care vehicle. That takes a lot of the stress off!

Why should this person be nominated

When I first met Derek, I instantly liked him! He was kind, reassuring, professional and had lots of connections to the world of senior care. I knew that this was more than a "job" to Derek when he expressed his strong love for his elderly father who was living with him.

My parents weren't quite ready to make a move at this time, but just months later, my mother was soon to be released from a Skilled Nursing Facility, and we thought she needed more care than what could be provided in her current living environment. We had just days to make a decision on the best option.

I called Derek in a panic, explaining the time crunch. Not only did Derek quickly go into action mode, but I certainly appreciated his excellent communication skills, so as to not waste time. I was pulling my hair out with the many variables pertaining to my parent's multiple and complicated needs, and Derek sailed through that and made it happen!

Another time, during the summer of 2010, Derek was helping Mr B., a man in his 70's who had suffered a massive stroke. Mr B. was non-ambulatory and bedridden. Derek had found a Board and Care Home that would accept Mr B. considering his care needs and budget. In order for Mr B. to be placed in the Board and Care Home, he needed to have a 602a Physicians Report filled out by his doctor with the results of a valid TB test. Mr B's doctor would not fill out the Physicians Report without first seeing Mr B. in person, so Derek arranged for an ambulance transport to pick him up in a gurney van and take him to the doctor appointment. Derek also attended this appointment to make sure everything was done right. During the appointment, the EMT's had left and said that they would return later for Mr B. and their gurney. Mr B. needed a Full Chest X-RAY for his TB test, but the Doctors office didn't have an X-Ray machine and the Radiologist was across the parking lot in another building. Derek, dressed in a suit and tie, takes Mr B. in a Gurney, across the parking lot, over speed bumps, up a small hill to Radiology for his X-RAY. Radiology explains that they can only do the X-Ray needed if Mr B. can get out of the Gurney and lay on their table. In Mr B's condition this clearly wasn't going to happen. Derek proceeded to roll Mr B. back across the parking lot to Mission Internal Medicine office and explained the situation. The doctor said the only solution would be to have the X-Ray done at Mission Hospital. Derek then rolls Mr B. back down the elevator, across the parking lot to the parking structure while telling Mr B. “I've got you Mr B. I'm going to take care of you and we will get this done.” Derek then took Mr B. up the elevator of the parking structure to the roof which is at the base level of Mission Hospital. He rolled Mr B. right in the doors of the ER where the Charge Nurse was waiting for him and he got him to the Radiology department and Mr B. was able to get the X-RAY that he needed to be placed in the Board and Care Home. The Physicians Report was completed. Derek then brought Mr B. back down the elevator of the Mission parking structure to the lobby of Mission Internal Medicine Group where he found the EMT's who had returned to pick up Mr B.

Derek truly went above and beyond the call of duty to help Mr B. He truly deserves to be recognized for his efforts in the community as a Senior Care Hero.

He absolutely meets and exceeds the nomination qualifications for OUTSTANDING Senior Care Professional. He made such a great impression on me that I consider him my friend and wholeheartedly recommend his services!