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Sandy Platamone

Sandy Platamone

Position: RN Case Manager

Organization: Salus Hospice


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Sandy Platamone, RN Case Manager at Salus Hospice, holds a knowing presence at the bedside with her patients and their families. They are relieved to have her there to listen, understand, take away the pain and help navigate the unknown. Sandy has been a hospice nurse for many years. As a young person, Sandy always wanted to be a nurse, starting in her childhood as she cared for animals who needed help. Her natural empathy grew into a love of caring and serving that would last her entire career as she tenderly cares for her patients, especially the elderly.

Why should this person be nominated
Sandy has been known to make herself available 24/7 over a weekend, when she is technically off work if she has a patient who is near life's end. She assures the family that she will be there, and she is at precisely the right time. Sandy also advocates for hospice patients whether at home, Board and Care facilities or skilled nursing facilities to ensure that their wishes are respected and followed. She is an educator by nature, and gives all the knowledge she has away to raise up care of the elderly. Sandy is a Senior Care Hero who is so deserving of this special award.