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Laura Terrazone

Laura Terrazone

Position: Caregiver

Organization: Horizon Support Services


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Going into the medical field, Laura really didn’t have much experience but fell in love with it and it is definitely the atmosphere that she belongs in. She is always stating how extremely blessed she is to be given this opportunity to work with seniors.Laura has always had a soft spot for caring for people, especially the elderly. When she was growing up, she used to help take care of her little brother who was diagnosed with autism. In August of 2017, her dad passed away due to sclerosis of the liver. Right before his passing, he was sent home on hospice care. During this time, Laura stepped up and helped take care of her dad until it was his time. It was a very difficult time for Laura and her family; especially her little brother who now lives with Laura full time. "Caring for someone with autism isn’t always easy but you make it work when it’s your loved one.", says Laura. After everything Laura has been through and experienced, going into the care giving field she had one main priority; it was to treat every patient as if they were her own family member. With that being said, Laura plans to further her career in this field because ultimately she found her passion.

Why should this person be nominated
Laura works with a client who has Dementia and lives with his daughter. Both the client and daughter are in denial of the diagnosis. Laura has made sure to research the disease and help the family to try to understand how the disease progresses and ways to deal with the different stages. Besides caring for this client, Laura is raising her 15 year old Autistic brother on her own. Laura's passion for helping others allows her to thrive while setting a high standard of care in which others can follow.