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Lorenzo De La Rosa

Lorenzo De La Rosa

Position: Caregiver

Organization: CareAssist Services


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Lorenzo began his career with the senior community in 2002.

He came to CareAssist in May of 2016 and has been and continues to be an absolute asset to our team. His clients and client’s family have sung his praises and feel completely at ease when he is there with them.

Why should this person be nominated
We want to recognize Lorenzo for his tireless devotion to all Seniors in his care. He is the most reliable and dedicated employee we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Lorenzo is an exemplary employee who constantly exhibits our core values in his work with his clients. He understands and adapts to his client’s ever-changing care needs. He is adaptable, resourceful and an excellent communicator. His first and foremost priority is his client’s safety and well-being regardless of his client’s condition. He is always finding ways to make his clients happy and to provide the best care possible using supportive equipment and supplies available to him.

What makes him stand out to his peers is this demonstration to a client:
He really made an impression when he demonstrated his true talent while caring for a difficult client suffering from ALS with frontal lobe dementia. This particular client had many issues including short term memory, aggression and could even be physically combative at times. Lorenzo not only was successful with a client like this he exceeded all the expectations when he stepped up to help this client daily while another caregiver was taking some time off. He never made this client feel bad about the uncontrolled outbursts or the forgetfulness. He provided dignity with compassion to this client including palliative care at the clients end of life.

Lorenzo is always willing to manipulate his own personal schedule and sacrifice free time to come to the aide of any one of his clients. We sincerely appreciate his caring, positive attitude, quick responses, and effective communication skills.

A job that started as simply a way of providing for his growing family soon became a passion and he says it was the satisfaction of knowing he was improving the lives of so many and truly believes this is his life’s calling. We are proud to have him as an employee of CareAssist Services.