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Michael Tehrani

Michael Tehrani

Position: Physician

Organization: Apple Health


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dr. Michael Tehrani has committed his career and dedicated focus to the health and well-being of Seniors. He realized his calling from his experience as a Hospitalist and in a private practice setting, as a primary care physician, learning all the vulnerabilities in today’s medical practice that affect, particularly senior health. He understood that there was so much more than just caring to their episodic medical needs. He often mentioned that these are senior’s golden years; their retirement time; their time to enjoy the fruits of all their hard work; their time to be on vacation, but instead they are in the hospital dealing with illnesses or into doctor to doctor office visits. They are often confused and perplexed trying to navigate this complex medical system and making difficult medical decisions. These are not the ways they envisioned retirement, he was often heard to say and clearly, this would not be the path he would want to take in his retirement.
Retirement age is that golden ticket that should make every day like a Saturday at Disneyland. He never expects his senior patients to know what day it is, because every day should be Saturday. With that in mind and consulting with renowned Geriatric Physicians as Dr. Richard Wigod, Dr. Tehrani created programs for his senior patients. Two really were prominent ….
With these two programs, he has seen his senior population thrive and appreciate the good times that they are intended to enjoy in retirement.
1) Prevent Illness so that you don’t have to treat illness is a robust preventative care program. It means you see the doctor when you are well, so he can do robust screening tests to make sure that together wellness into your retirement is maintained. It helps reduce the chances of getting common aging conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attack, cancer, osteoarthritis and more.
2) Bringing traditional Medicine back into this modern era allows for bringing back the traditional physician-patient relationship that is focused on continuity of care. Instead of interacting with multiple providers, your primary care provider, also known as your quarterback team, consists of just two professionals; a nurse and a doctor, who interact with you and follow you no matter where you go, whether it be in a hospital, nursing home or assisted living. Because seeing a familiar face and knowing someone who knows your entire care is right by your side when you are sick just happens to be the most crucial to healing and comforting thing. Comfort helps the process of healing

Why should this person be nominated
Although Dr. Tehrani’s program has proven very successful for his patients, his vision is to expand this successful program to other doctors and healthcare practitioners. He would like the healthy aging outcomes his patients have achieved to reach all seniors. Dr. Tehrani is passionate about this mission as he is doing extensive outreach in the community and education to other physicians and health professions, especially training residents. He is a frequent speaker in the community, at health fares, expos, and hospitals educating patients what to ask and expect from their physicians. When to go to their physicians. How to prepare for the physician visit. Two, he works with Medical Residents training them on this kind of Geriatric care. Together, by teaching the patients and budding new physicians and making the patients promise to share their experience with their friends and family and making the Medical Residents promise they teach their Students when they graduate, he is hopeful that this will continue to grow and touch many lives that he could not personally care for.
It is his expectation that these and more programs will continue to grow and touch many lives, the ones he cannot personally reach.
Dr. Tehrani has a lot of memorable stories, but, a few certainly stand out for him, his peers and his staff. He shares two of them. First one was a very healthy and fit 69-year-old patient that on routine screening exam he discovered a renal mass. Further work up showed it was a malignant cancer in its very early stages. He was referred to the appropriate specialists and the renal mass removed. Had this not been caught, it would have caused symptoms a few months later, but, by then would have been a stage 4 cancer that would have dramatically changed this patients retirement years. The second patient was referred to him as a last hope. The patient was placed on hospice for end stage liver disease with only days to live. Patient had just retired after much hard work. Reviewing the case, he knew there was hope, though slim, but there was hope. The patient needed a liver transplant. Time was not on his side though. Blood pressures quickly dropped in the 50’s. He called transplant teams, assigned the patient a care coordination nurse and together, through well-coordinated and quick care, the patient was successfully transferred to a liver transplant center on a Sunday, because if not, she would not have made it. Patient had the liver transplant and now living happily and enjoying retirement life. To Dr. Tehrani, this is why he went to medical school; this is what makes him happy. These successes are why he became a doctor. In his practice, he uses this salutation …To good health and joyful retirement.
Dr. Michael Tehrani is grateful for the opportunity to share his personal and professional story and unquestionably, for the consideration for this nomination.