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Cesar Delgado

Cesar Delgado

Position: Senior Care Services Executive

Organization: Season of Life Consultants


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Cesar Delgado (BA, Psychology) brings 25 years of experience as a senior services executive to A New Day Homecare and Season of Life® Consultants, both based in Orange County.

Cesar worked as a local government senior housing expert for nearly a decade, managing housing needs of older adults. During that tenure, he was responsible for many facets of senior care, including crisis management, providing home assessments and Ombudsman visitations.

Additionally, he participated in the creation of senior services strategies and initiatives that advanced local governments objectives in serving older adults. During his years of service with the local government, he was honored with their “Employee of The Year” award.

Why should this person be nominated
After his years of service with the local Office on Aging, Cesar spent 15 years founding a non-profit serving older adults and families throughout California and he partnered with a local housing developer to build housing communities for older adults and families. Cesar's work with older adults, children and families has provided him with many life enriching experiences that have defined his career and provides the foundation for his approach to senior care.

Di Patterson, Credentialed Professional Gerontologist (CPG) writes: “Cesar is currently educating employee groups in various cities in Orange County on the availability of senior services, aspects of daily senior care, and providing inspiration through the hands-on experience and expertise he has. I am thrilled that this outstanding senior care services manager joins me and other Consulting Gerontologists at Season of Life® Consultants!”

Cesar Delgado, Jr. writes: “When I think of my dad, there are a few words that come to mind: selfless, committed, and courageous. It takes a lot of courage and strength to make it out of East Los Angeles while being the youngest of 14 kids and the first to graduate from high school. It took hard work and commitment to stay on the right path. Since having a family, he provides a positive, uplifting home; he has been pretty successful at that as well. Growing up he has told us, ‘Be kind, courteous, loving, and respectful’. I believe he has done a great job of exemplifying that. He takes that same selfless and loving mentality he has at home into the work field.to help those with whom he works. It is evident to everyone who knows him that he wants to impact people’s lives in a positive way. I believe those he comes in contact with do feel the impact of his drive and passion for helping others.”

Emmanuel Delgado writes: “My dad is an amazing example for my family and me, as well as anyone he encounters. He grew up in a rough neighborhood, and even though he had struggle in his life and big setbacks, he fought through to make a better life for himself. He is always a hard worker and he's always trying to learn something new no matter what. Now he’s passing on his advice to his three sons, his nephews and nieces, and to hundreds of kids in the communities he works with along with their parents. While many people in the world do good deeds for fame, my Pops quietly does good deeds everyday.”