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Calixto Santos

Calixto Santos

Position: Outstanding Caregiver

Organization: Attentive Home Care


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Calixto is an upstanding person who dedicates his time and strength to caring for seniors for over 16 years. He started his journey as a caregiver for a board and care, and received special training geared towards caring for clients with dementia. His drive to care and improve the quality of life for the elderly is inspired by his own parents, who raised him to show kindness and compassion to people in need. Those values not only help him become an accomplished caregiver, but also made him a dedicated family man to his wife and children. He describes himself as a patient person, proud to be a caregiver, and states helping others is most important to him. What Calixto likes about caring for seniors in their homes is being able to devote all his attention to one client. He is extremely dedicated to his job and does everything he can to take care of others, and keep his clients safe.

Attentive Home Care had the privilege to work with Calixto, and witness his skills and most importantly, his heart as a caregiver. He has received excellent reviews from clients, who are grateful for his help. Working with him has gives us a peace of mind, knowing that the seniors under his watchful care are safe and happy.

Why should this person be nominated
Calixto has shown his dedication as a caregiver to a veteran client who lives alone, and whose living conditions have greatly improved under his care. Calixto works with this veteran client with patience and perseverance: taking care of his client’s ADLs, monitoring nutrition and hydration, insuring that he lives in a safe and sanitary environment, and lending an attentive ear when his client (who has no one else to confide in) needs someone to talk to. His client has expressed gratefulness in receiving his care. He describes Calixto as a hard worker (even saying that he works too hard), an outstanding cook (provides meal prep for the rest of the week for his client) to ensure he has proper nutrition while he is off, a good listener, and one of the best caregivers who goes above and beyond for him. He even takes the time during his days off to call and remind his client to take medication! Thank you for your hard work and dedication Calixto, you are our hero!