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Elinore Lagman

Elinore Lagman

Position: Caregiver

Organization: Irvine Cottages


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
We are honored to nominate Elinore Lagman for the Caregiver of the Year award. We have had the privilege of working alongside Elinore for over 13 years, she currently holds the title of House Manager! Elinore has a gentle manner and personality which is apparent when dealing with Irvine Cottages residents. She is always there to help and loves to involve the residents in all activities, so that they feel at home. She shows great patience and persistence and has a very calm presence and the residents are happy when Elinore is around to help them with their needs. Elinore has a wealth of knowledge and understanding when dealing with residents with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, she shows the upmost consideration and gains their trust. She has a warm friendly manner with family members and visitors alike, and always makes everyone feel so welcome when they enter.

Elinore is always very professional, she always communicates with residents before assisting them, always informing them of everything she is doing. She does her best to make all residents maintain some sense of control over as many things as they are able. She is always professional in her conduct, we appreciate that this professionalism merges into all contact with all other members of staff, visitors and medical staff that visit the Cottage. She is always dependable, always on time and always ready to help. She always tries to make herself available to talk and discuss any issues her residents have with their families and remains in constant contact. Elinore is always pro-active and observant with all her residents and is committed to their well-being.
She is a shining example of that a caregiver should truly be. She develops friendships with everyone and gains their trust. She is respectful of her resident’s time and their boundaries and tries her very best to bring the outside world to them all.
Elinore consistently goes above and beyond and exceeds our expectations, she notices everything, is so competent in seeing resident’s needs and always has suggestions. She always jumps in and assists in any way he can. She doesn’t wait to be asked, she takes the initiative and is a self-starter and always very motivated in everything she does.

Why should this person be nominated
Elinore is a very honest, dedicated and trustworthy caregiver. She has a huge heart and cares about both the physical needs and the emotional needs. She prides herself on knowing her residents’ specific needs, takes the time to do the little things; hair and makeup, making favorite meals and snacks, taking residents on walks to the park and many outings, performing karaoke nights singing everyone’s favorite golden oldies, organizing afternoons of competitive Bingo with fun prizes and challenging games of Scrabble. She likes to organize family meals, celebrates holidays, organizes summer BBQ’s ensuring all visitors are also given special treatment. Caring for seniors is her passion and this is evident every day. The way Elinore treats her residents is truly a gift to all of us, she does her best to give them back their freedom and independence and as a result gives all families the peace of entrusting the care of their loved ones in her capable hands.

Elinore is very committed to Irvine Cottages and all her residents and we are so appreciative having her in the Irvine Cottages family. She really is one in a million and we are happy to nominate her as Caregiver of the year!