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Karin Malone

Karin Malone

Position: Outstanding Caregiver

Organization: Oasis In-Home Care


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Champion! Karin is a caregiver, daughter, wife, mother and grandmother with a history of giving to others. She was the primary caregiver to her mother who had Dementia and her Father who had cancer of the spine before their passing. She has provided care and assistance for children with autism, disabled adults and seniors. In her “spare” time she volunteers, gathering items needed to live and brings them to those without housing so they have the basic essentials.

Why should this person be nominated
Senior client, Patricia Chapman, shares her experience: “When my husband came home on hospice, it was very difficult for me, as well as all our children and grandchildren. I was so afraid to leave his side; I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat.” Many families experience this type of worry when their loved one is placed on hospice. In Patricia’s case, however, she wasn’t alone. She had outstanding caregiver, Karin Malone, who recently assisted Patricia during the difficult passing of her husband, Claude. Patricia shares this: “When Karin came into the home, she provided not only excellent care to my husband, but also emotional support to me and our entire family. She spoke to Claude in a motivational way, and he would move and respond to the sound of her voice at times. She was always so calm and encouraging. She encouraged me to eat and sleep, and I felt safe that Karin would wake me should his condition change at all. I didn't want to leave my husband’s side, but Karin helped me keep high spirits and was very compassionate. The night Claude passed, she didn't rush to leave the home; She made sure that everyone in the family was comfortable and didn't need anything before she left. Karin was an Angel sent to look over not only my husband, but my family as we shared his last days of life.”
The word “Hero” defines someone who “in the face of adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage and the will for self-sacrifice—that is, heroism”. While all Oasis caregivers consistently and compassionately engage with their senior clients, Karin Malone embodies this ethic in a way that sets her apart from her colleagues.
Karin daily displays these heroic traits, and is exceptional at working to provide families and clients with peace-of-mind. We hear often of how Karin’s calming presence has changed the mood of the clients’ home and everyone in it. Another family shared: “Karin had a way of calming my mother down when she would get worked up. With advanced Dementia, mom would often become agitated. Karin would react as I imagined her reacting to her own mother; with compassion and love. She was so compassionate and it was clear she wasn’t just there to complete a list of tasks; it wasn't just a ‘job’ to her. She cared for my mother as if she was part of her family. Since Karin had gone through what I was experiencing, with her own mother, her words and care often brought me peace and reassurance.”
Karin’s warm personality undoubtedly helps her approach challenging situations with optimism. In spite of sometimes very trying circumstances, Karin self-sacrificially places her clients’ immediate needs above her own. She has worked with several of our challenging cases that have social and emotional issues that would have sent other caregivers running for the hills. Karin recently drove over an hour to work with one such client. Because of another caregiver’s last-minute emergency call-off for this specialized case, Karin worked for 16 hours, drove home, and was back at the client only 9 hours after she had left the day before (again, over an hour drive each way). Whether covering an emergency shift for a client, bringing an anxious daughter peace of mind, or providing a grieving wife with the support to spend time with her husband during his last days, this type of intentional, outstanding care demonstrates why Karin is our senior care Hero!