2019 SCHA Awards
Veteran Hero - People's Choice

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Lt. Col. Sam Sachs Lt. Col. Sam Sachs

Lt. Col. Sam Sachs

Position: Lieutenant Colonel

Organization: Mom & Dads House Manor


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Lieutenant Colonel Sam is originally from North Dakota and has 3 sons and 5 grandchildren. Sam currently resides at the young age of 104 at Mom and Dads House Manor in Lakewood, where he enjoys talking about his years in the service, being awarded numerous medals and honors. Sam also was as a teacher for over 30 years in a vocational school for young business women. His years of teaching bring back the fondest of memories, second to his wife who he was married to on July 4th, 58 years ago.

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Sam Sachs, who was in WWII and in the Normandy invasion on D-Day 75 years ago, turned 104 years old this year. And if this isn't enough reason to celebrate this amazing veteran hero, Sam just received a major honor on the 75-year remembrance of D-Day.: the French Legion of Honor, that country's highest medal, during a ceremony at the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall in Los Angeles. Christophe Lemoine, consul general of France, in Los Angeles, told Sam Sachs in a letter that he was being appointed a chevalier - or knight - by decree of French President Emmanuel Macron. Sam is the kindest, humbled and sweetest man. His humor, talents, conversations and personality are like no one I have ever met. He is such a joy to visit and I cannot think of a more deserving veteran than Sam Sachs!