2019 SCHA Awards
Family Member Hero - People's Choice

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Brent Deines Brent Deines

Brent Deines

Position: Facilities Director

Organization: Alzheimer's Orange County


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Brent knows what it means to be a family caregiver. Before his mother passed away very recently from Alzheimer's disease, Brent spent numerous weekends caring to her needs. Up until the passing of his mother, Brent was dedicated to spending every moment with her. Whether it was going to the nail salon, things around the house or going out to dinner, Brent made sure she was loved, cared for, and surrounded by friends and family. Traveling to Murrieta almost every weekend, he not only tended to his mother during his visits, but to his aging father as well. All of this on top of his full-time work for Alzheimer's Orange County as the Facilities Director for the past seven years.

As Facilities Director, Brent is responsible for building maintenance and operations for not just one building, but three - including two adult day centers. From air conditioning, to furniture, to basic maintenance, Brent works tirelessly each and every day to provide a safe and functioning environment for staff and hundreds of adult day center participants.

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Whether it’s caring for his parents or taking care of three buildings that serve older adults, Brent does it with a smile and with the upmost integrity a person can have. Just when you think it’s time to relax over the weekend, Brent starts his caregiving role for his now ailing father. After the passing of his mother, Brent made the difficult decision to move his father closer so that he may provide more care. Brent works tirelessly to provide all the social care, support and medical attention his father needs.

Brent is a family caregiver hero not just to his late mother and but to his aging father. Without Brent, his parents would have been alone and without the care and comfort of being with loved ones during their golden years. Brent is someone who isn’t always recognized for his hard work, dedication and commitment to his parents, which is why, now more than ever, he is deserving of this award. Brent knows the meaning of sacrifice, knows what it takes to be a family caregiver for both of his parents, and yet never asks or expects anything in return. Brent is a family caregiver hero.