2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Caregiver

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Gaylord Café Gaylord Café

Gaylord Café

Position: Caregiver

Organization: All Ways Caring HomeCare


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Devotion, positive attitude, calm demeanor, exceptional caringness are just some of the words we can use to describe Gaylord Café. Gaylord has been with All Ways Caring Home Care since 2014. His overall service providing personal care to another commenced over 18 years ago. Gaylord has developed his own strong but quiet style to gain acceptance with even the most resistant clients; this is a true skill and a tremendous value. It is evident that Gaylord truly loves his caregiving career and is intent on doing the best job he can.

Describe how your Nominee has exceeded his or her Job Description, becoming a hero to you or others. Provide an example or as much detail as possible of the things that they do that go above and beyond their job description.
Gaylord can be relied on to handle even the most difficult home situations. For the past 6 years he has been the primary live-in caregiver for a client. When he first met this client, he immediately encountered many obstacles. This client and partner had been turning away every caregiver who was introduced. Gaylord worked immediately to build trust with them, which he did and they allowed him to stay.
When this client's partner became ill, there was an urgent need to complete legal papers and make financial arrangements. The situation became very tense as both this client and partner continued to resist outside assistance. Gaylord was the one who provided the greatest support, encouragement and reassurance. He personally helped with appointments so the appropriate paper work could be completed in a timely manner for both the client and partner. The fiduciary now assisting this client frequently states that "Gaylord's support was instrumental to the successful planning" for this client.
In the time he has been with this client, Gaylord shows devotion and is willing to go above and beyond. He will show up on his day off so he can meet with the hospice nurse or other care team members and stay abreast of the conditions and needs. For the purpose of providing consistent care, he is aware of the everchanging needs and he will gather all the information necessary to do the best job he can. His caring attitude, flexibility and sense of responsibility make him a very outstanding caregiver.
We feel he is very deserving of recognition and an excellent candidate for the Outstanding Caregiver Award.