2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Caregiver

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Lisa Joy Halverson Lisa Joy Halverson

Lisa Joy Halverson

Position: Caregiver

Organization: None


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Lisa used to travel with the Azuza Pacific musical group, and realized the power of music. About three years ago, her Aunt Joanne was in town visiting from Canada. They were sitting around talking and she says, ”Lisa, you really should look into caregiving as your profession because you have the most compassionate heart.” She hadn’t ever thought of caregiving, but she said, ”My aunt knows what it takes because she assists natives on the Indian reservation in Calgary. She equips family members how to care for their loved ones when they have physical and mental limitations. So…that was it! The next week my neighbor’s granddaughter asked if I would come in and assist Grandma on a weekly basis and I have enjoyed caring for Seniors ever since.”

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It has delighted Lisa Joy to find her niche as a “singing” caregiver for the last few years. Her name is so perfect, because Joy is exactly what she brings to many seniors each week who are homebound. She knows her seniors, always picking their favorite songs that will get them singing along. She says Frank Sinatra is usually a hit and many church hymns are familiar favorites as well.

But, Lisa does more than sing – she will take her Seniors on scenic drives, to hair appointments, to their favorite restaurants, to visit horses in the neighborhood or go on a walk in the park. Lisa says that she and her seniors do not sit around, ever! Well, if they do, they are enjoying time putting together their favorite puzzle.

Lisa Joy customizes her activities with each client as she knows they all have different needs. One client enjoys taking drives, and when they get back to his house, he instructs her on exactly how to drive and park correctly in the garage. Lisa is patient to follow directions so he feels heard and valued.

Another client looks forward to going to Denny’s for a meal each week. They sit in the same booth and order the same meals each time. Lisa has learned that if there is one change to the routine, it can really throw things off for her precious client. And Lisa said, “it’s just not right” to make her client pay for his meals when they go out, so she’s never allowed him to. Lisa realizes how important it is to allow her seniors to feel in control and is very intuitive, striving to make them feel comfortable and happy.
Families are so happy to have Lisa Joy visit their parents or grandparents so they can have extra attention each week. Out of town adult children are very grateful for Lisa Joy’s care and attention to their elderly parents. She will send photos and videos so the family can feel in touch. Lisa is often heard saying “I love my people!” Sadly, she has lost some beloved clients after several years of care and the families often ask her to bless them by singing at the funerals.

Lisa is walking sunshine, patience and such a blessing to the seniors in her care. As we all know in the senior industry, that is exactly what our precious seniors need!

Several years ago, church staff said to Lisa Joy, “You have the gift of compassion” and she said back to them, “Compassion is not a gift, it’s a command.”