2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Caregiver

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Faye McKinnon Faye McKinnon

Faye McKinnon

Position: Caregiver

Organization: CareAssist Services


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Faye began at CareAssist Services in Dec. 2015. She was referred by a friend who also works at CareAssist. Fe was attracted to the job because of her of her close relationship with her grandparents who cared for her when she was young. She feels it is her way to pay back for the love and support she felt as a child. She treats her clients like family, showing them love, respect and care. This is a description of Faye from the staffing manager at CareAssist Services; “Faye is a reliable, professional and dependable caregiver who commits to a case no matter how challenging it may be. She closely adheres to the agency’s protocol and executes her job with passion, she is very concerned to report changes as they occur to the family and colleagues. She is pursuing her LVN degree now, full time!”

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My husband Mike was diagnosed with advanced cancer last year. Faye McKinnon entered our world during the last week of Mike’s life. Not only was she was a great help to our family; she was literally a godsend. She was hired as a caregiver through CareAssist Services and little did we know that she would be such a tremendous help in a transition that is very hard to face.
The last 12 hours of Mike’s life were the best that they could be because of Faye and her faith in helping. Not only is she knowledgeable about the body and the transitions as someone is leaving our world but she is very thoughtful of the spiritual aspect as well.
Mike was very spiritual and although he knew that this was going to be the end for his body and not his spirit, it was still a very tough experience to face. Mike lived a great life and was a man that everyone respected. His last 12 hours were the most difficult for our family. He had already been on hospice for 90 days and we knew the end was inevitable, but no one wanted to see him go.
On that last day, Faye noticed that Mike was very uncomfortable. Earlier that night the doctor ordered a catheter to help relieve some pressure, but Mike kept expressing that he wanted it out. I did not know what to do but Faye called the Hospice nurse and insisted they come over immediately to remove it.
The nurse came and removed the device and Mike was so relieved. After Fe got him comfortable for the evening, I noticed that Mike looked at her, reached for her hand and held onto it. He said to her, “Thank you for a job well done!” He was grateful for all she did for him. I did not know at that time that these would be the last words I heard from him.
As I was getting ready for sleep that night Faye came to sit with me on the couch. We knew this would be the last night that Mike would be with us. She asked me if we were spiritual which I answered. YES!” She said that she would help him through the transition – she knew what to do. I went to sleep with a greater peace of mind knowing she would be by his side.
We had all spent our share of time praying with him and for him – it was so difficult for our family.
It was a relief knowing that Faye would be with him throughout the entire night. When his body started to transition, she woke me up to tell me and to explain what was happening. I was able to see him through the experience, hold his hand and send him off with love because of Fe’s consideration for us. She made it so personal and peaceful despite how difficult it was. It was a very peaceful night for him and for me; literally the best it could be.
In the morning when Faye was getting ready to leave and the next caregiver was arriving, she went to say “good-bye” to Mike and that is when he took his last breath. She came to tell me this, I was able to stay next to him throughout his transition.
Fe stayed with me until my friend came to be with me. I will never forget her knowledge, kindness and how she helped him move on.