2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Caregiver

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John Kabuchwa John Kabuchwa

John Kabuchwa

Position: Caregiver

Organization: CareAssist Services


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John came to CareAssist Services in 2018 and what a great asset he has been. The Care Manager found him to be “A passionate, creative professional who knew his stuff.” John indicated that he is impassioned about making a difference in his clients’ lives and assisting them with their routine; such as personal hygiene and grooming, safety and supervision, taking care of their linens and laundry, and driving them to Dr.’s appointments. He cared for his parents until they passed, and feels his work is “God’s work.”

Describe how your Nominee has exceeded his or her Job Description, becoming a hero to you or others. Provide an example or as much detail as possible of the things that they do that go above and beyond their job description.
Last year my husband Mike was diagnosed with advanced cancer and was enrolled in Hospice care. As his cancer progressed, he became bedbound and I was no longer able to provide the care that was needed. We called Janis At CareAssist Services and they connected us with some very skilled caregivers. John Kambuchwa was one and a very special one.
As I remember those incredibly difficult days, John really stands out in my mind.
Mike was not able to sleep for very long periods of time so he was often awake when the caregivers were in our home. When John would come over, he not only took care of his personal and medical needs, but he really became a companion for Mike. John was from Nigeria and Mike became very interested in John’s life and his life story. They would converse any time Mike was awake and it was such a pleasure for him.
Mike would ask him to tell him about his childhood, growing up in Nigeria, and what it was that brought him to his career as a caregiver. During this conversation Mike discovered that John was going to school for nursing; John said that it felt like this was his calling because of all of the great people that he has met through his caregiving and all of the help he has been able to provide them. It made him very happy.
Because of the nature of the situation, Mike’s friends were no longer coming to visit and John became very important to our lives. There were many days when Mike would wake up in the morning and ask if John was coming over because he knew that he was going to have a great day when John was there.
Providing this companionship for Mike took a great burden off me, but more importantly filled Mike’s awake hours with a happiness that we are forever grateful for.
On the very last day that Mike was still with us the hospice doctor had come over to evaluate the situation. The doctor had asked for everyone to leave the room except for me and Mike. But Mike told the doctor, “John can stay because he is my friend and he needs to hear this for me too. He is going to be with me.”
John stayed with him day in and day out until the very last day that Mike was with us. He would arrive early and stay late. He would bring out any trash that needed to go on his way out. John always had a smile and would brighten up our day. Our family is so grateful that he was able to provide happy times for Mike in his final days.
I remember those words and the excitement in his voice so well; “Is John coming today!?”