2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Social Worker

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Steven Sarosy Steven Sarosy

Steven Sarosy

Position: Supervisor of Social Workers

Organization: Alignment Healthcare


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Steven has been a social worker for over 28 years, serving older adults.
He has pioneered programs that all include providing services where ever the patients live. In some markets we have a good number of patients who at one time or another, are homeless. Steve's team is well connected with the local shelters and soup kitchens so we see our members at these locations. Leading a team faced with the challenges of the times is always stressful, but Steven always displays a cool, calm presence and easily gains trust from even the most challenging members.

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Steven joined Alignment Healthcare in 2014 and pioneered their social service model to provide SW care to elders in their homes, wherever they live. He manages a team of SW, and works with MD's, NP's, PA's and Health coaches throughout California.
Steve is a "go to" person for a multidisciplinary team in California. He frequently travels with an MD or NP to a patients home to meet with a family and explain end of life choices. He is fluent in Spanish, which makes him a very big plus in all the markets. Steve believes the delivery of SW services
with cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity remain the heart of the Alignment Healthcare Mission. We all tend to agree.