2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Nurse

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Marietta Mauhay Marietta Mauhay

Marietta Mauhay

Position: Case Manager

Organization: UCI Medical Center


List your nominee's experience in Senior Care.
Marietta is a Case Manager at UCI Medical Center. In my opinion, Case Managers are the unsung heroes of the hospital ecosystem. Without them, many of the other hospital processes grind to a halt. The Case Manager works countless hours a day, never complains, and is driving solutions to complex problems that all patients face both inside the hospital setting as well as preparing for life outside of their inpatient stay. Case managers are highly skilled and are powerful chess pieces that can move from one task to the next with grace and poise and one can rest assured that they will drive excellent service and garner results. Marietta exceeds the boundary of this definition. To give you an idea, Marietta routinely does things like ordering DMV placards for patients, ensuring DME and medications are ordered before the client goes home, and even wearing the hat of Social Worker to connect the patient to the necessary community resources to build a plan of care in which the patients can thrive when they return home. Marietta has even been known to accomplish these tasks by overcoming great distance. For instance, she has provided discharge planning to Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona. Marietta also plays the role of therapist, ensuring her door is always open to allow patients families who are enduring hardship to come unburden their minds.

Describe how your Nominee has exceeded his or her Job Description, becoming a hero to you or others. Provide an example or as much detail as possible of the things that they do that go above and beyond their job description.
There is no better story that encapsulates the dedication Marietta has to her patients than the story of Bob. Bob is an artist/bartender who suffered a stroke. Bob arrived to Marietta's unit facing a new normal that that couldn't be further from his historical day to day. Marietta assisted Bob in finding a Primary Care Physician, something Bob had never had. She fought tooth and nail to get Bob the inpatient care that he needed even when the insurance payers were threatening to cut him off. Bob, who was without family, relied solely on friends, and Marietta seized upon these friends to set up a network to help him in the home setting. Marietta even helped Bob find hope when he demonstrated sadness over his new normal and she encouraged him and united her team behind him to give him courage to press forward with hope. How is Bob now? Because of Marietta, Bob is back living on his own, driving his own car, and once again displaying his art at local art exhibits. Marietta is so deserving of this award because it defines her. She is a hero. A hero not just for Bob, but a true difference maker in the lives of many.