2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Nurse

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April Aloiau April Aloiau

April Aloiau

Position: DNP

Organization: Sea Crest


List your nominee's experience in Senior Care.
She has been a nurse for over 20 years and just received her doctor of nursing care and works as a DNP for Sea Crest Hospice

Describe how your Nominee has exceeded his or her Job Description, becoming a hero to you or others. Provide an example or as much detail as possible of the things that they do that go above and beyond their job description.
I like to call her aloha April because she does a beautiful farewell hula as her patients pass. While working on her doctoral degree in nursing she continued her work with patients and balanced work and family life because patient especially seniors are her passion

Just recently She supported a previous family member through their own hospice journey only as a friend & resource never as a paid professional. She was the RN for her brother who lived with her. When her own diagnosis of cancer stopped responding to treatment she decided that even thought she was a doctor know and not a nurse case manager she was still going to her on her time and helped to educate her about her palliative choices. Her sister Wendy says, she helped her “learn how to die beautifully” during her weekly visits.

She has picked-up food, sewn leis, taught & danced hula, as well as made a pt’s old family banana nut bread recipe for them. She has stayed in touch with many families to offer support maybe by stopping by to see them or treating them to a sandwich and coffee

She also came up with a process to try and decrease caregiver anxiety during end-of-life. The process proved to be effective for a short term decrease in anxiety. She will be presenting the manuscript at this year’s Gerontology Society annual conference in October. The manuscript is under review for publication with the International Journal of Palliative Nursing.