2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Nurse

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Vaneza Vargas Vaneza Vargas

Vaneza Vargas

Position: LVN

Organization: Universal Health Net


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Vaneza was born and raised in CA, has been an LVN with Universal Health Net - Hospice for almost two years and a Hospice nurse for 6 years. Her ambition to be a nurse was driven by a passion to help people feel better. She has really found her calling as a hospice LVN. At Universal Health Net, where Vaneza is charged with coordinating the care team to ensure patients and their families receive the best care and support. This involves regular nursing visits, patient physical assessments, emotional support and social care. Vaneza is very hands on in her care which involves caring for and healing wounds, bathing, checking patient vital signs and medications, symptom observation and management, training caregivers to look after the patient, family support, requesting social worker, chaplain, volunteers, etc., visits. She has often stayed with the dying patient to comfort and care for them and their families into the early hours of the morning while they pass and to assist with funeral arrangements.

Vaneza is also able to assist Spanish only speaking patients and families as she has a good cultural understanding and is bi-lingual.

Previously, with other hospice companies she has received employee of the month awards. Vaneza is an asset to Universal Health Care, senior patients and the community at large. She is the perfect example of hospice and senior’s LVN.

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How Vaneza granted a dying senior man's last wish and blessed his family with one of the best days of their lives.
Recently we had a senior hospice patient diagnosed with three brain tumors who was paralyzed on one side of his body rendering him bed bound. He was in a Skilled Nursing Facility but wanted to get home for Father’s Day to be with his sons. His wife was overwhelmed with how to care for him. Universal Health Net paid out of pock and organized a professional caregiver to help the family look after the patient during the first few days of his arrival at home. Vaneza helped re-arrange furniture to fit hospital beds and equipment and ensured the family received all the support they needed with caregiver training, social workers, chaplain and volunteers, etc.

It gets even better...

The patient then pleaded with his wife to go to the movies one more time before he died. He's wife told him it was not possible as he was bed bound. Vaneza overhead this conversation and called our office manager to take action to make the patient’s dying wish come true. Vaneza together with the Universal Health Net team organized ambulance transportation to and from the VIP cinemas at Bella Terra- Huntington Beach, booked out the entire cinema, catered food and invited all the patient’s family and close friends to a private viewing of The Avengers movie. The cinema upon hearing the story comped the movie session. The patient was so elated with excitement that he was able to stay conscious for the entire 2 1/2 hour movie. The wife said it was one of the highlights of their family's life.
Vaneza later stayed with the patient for 8 plus hours to provide nursing and emotional support to the patient and family as he passed. She also provided and coordinated the post care required to ensure the family was supported in every manner.

It's also important to note that, Universal Health Net took on this patient knowing two other hospice companies had refused due to it not being a profitable case. Both Vaneza and Universal Health Net, epitomize the ideal care for an elderly hospice patient and truly live up to the Universal Health Net slogan of "caring for your loved one as our own".