2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Physician

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Farshid Kazi Farshid Kazi

Farshid Kazi

Position: Medical Director, High Risk Programs

Organization: Healthcare Partners


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Farshid Kazi, MD, is board certified in internal medicine and is a hospitalist. Dr. Kazi earned his medical degree from Ohio State University College of Medicine. He completed his internship and residency at UC Irvine Medical Center, where he served as chief resident. Dr. Kazi chose internal medicine as his specialty because he enjoys unraveling the mysteries of the human body. He likes being a hospitalist because he derives great satisfaction from the continuation of care he provides hospitalized patients. In his spare time, Dr. Kazi enjoys scuba diving and flying. In addition to English, he speaks Bengali.

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Outcome driven medical director with a proven track record in leadership, health care delivery, and physician management. Strengths include high-risk patient population management, transitions of care, and hospital contracts. Passionate about healthcare technology and a champion for health care innovation.

Currently transforming how DMG approaches its highest utilizers of the healthcare system. Held accountable for bending the cost curve of the 5% of the patient population taking up 50% of OME. Impacting readmission rates, APTs, and DPTs. Responsible for developing and executing on a specialized healthcare delivery model to impact the highest utilizers of the health system. Currently managing 6 markets within CA including nurse practitioners who go into patient homes, palliative care clinics, and all post acute clinics. We provide wrap around services to PCP and specialists ranging from complex disease management to palliative care.

Metrics Dr. Kazi is responsible for include: APT, DPT, Readmit rates, costs of care, POLST completion, days on hospice.

Dr. Kazi is Always striving for the right care, at the right location, with the best outcomes.