2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Physician

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Roxana Minkus Roxana Minkus

Roxana Minkus

Position: Physician

Organization: South Coast Family Medicine


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Dr. Roxana Minkus, is a family medicine specialist in Santa Ana, CA and has been practicing for 26 years. She graduated from Western Univ Of Health Sciences/College Of Osteopathic Medicine Of The Pacific, Western University Of Health Sciences in 1993 and specializes in family medicine.

Dr. Minkus began practicing medicine in Los Angeles County in 1994 and then opened her second office in Orange County in 2005. In that time, the majority of her practice has been focused on elderly patients with a wide variety of health issues, narrowing to a focus on those with diabetes.

Roxana keeps office hours 3 days a week. But the last hour of every day, Monday through Friday, Dr. Minkus spends reviewing all lab test results and every report coming into her office on her patients. Every morning, her staff walks in to find “to-do lists” from her previous night’s reviews.

Dr. Minkus says: “I started in healthcare at Kaiser as a nurse’s aid when I was 15. As the years went on, I then became a physical therapy assistant, and then a practitioner. I chose to become a DO (doctor of osteopathy) because I had physical therapy knowledge and the neuromuscular system is so important for our wellbeing. DOs get more training in the neuromuscular system than MDs and we get more holistic training along with the regular MD training.”

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Roxana loves working with elderly patients because it allows her to make a difference and extend their lives for the better. She has a great respect for the tenderness of seniors and takes it very seriously that they have chosen her to assist them in their lives, health, family crisis, coping skills, and the changes that we all experience in life. It can be scary going through life’s changes and she always reassures them they are not alone. She wants to be here for them at and reminds them God is always looking after them as well.

Dr Minkus tells of the time when she was raising her two children, then toddlers, and working days. She had a patient, Maria, who was struggling with her health while helping her own young grandchildren. Roxana would call Maria every evening for three months while loading her dishwasher before putting her toddlers to bed. Years later, Maria’s adult granddaughter visited Roxana and told her, “You saved my Grandma’s life!”

Dr. Minkus feels her elderly patients have also taught her a great deal about herself, the most valuable being not to quit. “To me they are like my own family,” she says. “I treat them like they are my grandparents! I feel blessed, honored and inspired to be a part of their lives.” Her self-proclaimed purpose in life is that of physician. Dr. Minkus truly loves her patients, almost exclusively seniors. She says for that reason, she won’t quit!