2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Physician

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Karla Ballew Karla Ballew

Karla Ballew

Position: Medical Director and CEO

Organization: Novari Primary Care


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Dr. Ballew has dedicated her life's work to the geriatric community. She previously worked as a nursing assistant for a local skilled nursing facility. She then continued to work as a CNA throughout her academic journey at the University of Washington as she was completing her bachelors degree. Again, as an RN, Dr. Ballew remained steadfast for her passion in the geriatric community. She worked as a Charge Nurse for a Post Acute unit. Now, as well-respected home-based primary care provider in Washington State, Dr. Ballew provides care in the homes of the patients she cares for. She opened Novari Primary Care in April 2018 to bring primary care back in the homes of patients who are no longer able to leave their homes. Dr. Ballew is making headway in geriatric medicine. Her patients would describe her as being young, energetic, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I have known Karla Ballew for over 15 years, and I met her through our Nursing Assistant program. She has accomplished so much and is only 33 years old. This young lady is a driving force in making sure that geriatric medicine will continue to have great medical providers. Aside from being a CEO and Medical Director for Novari Primary Care, she is also the Medical Director for Mukilteo Memory Care, she is active with the Washington State Alzheimer's Association, and her Doctor of Nursing Practice capstone even focused on how us caregivers can provide better care for patients who have dementia. She is a preceptor for both Seattle University and the University of Washington and an ally to us caregivers.

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Dr. Ballew is the youngest home-based primary care provider/owner of Novari Primary Care. She has contributed her time and effort in improving geriatric medicine. Despite how far she has gone in life, she continues to teach us caregivers on the art of truly caring for our patients. Her private practice serves our growing geriatric community and I admire her passion in being an expert in dementia care. She inspires future caregivers, nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals through her gentle approach and she is always willing to teach us new medical information that she learns from her own colleagues. She is my personal hero and I hope that this nominee will shed some light on this wonderful and successful young lady.