2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Physician

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Jake Koopman Jake Koopman

Jake Koopman

Position: Resident

Organization: College Medical Center


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Dr. Jake Koopman is a physician and patient advocate that needs to be recognized for his compassionate views and care plans for his patient and families. Jake Grew up in small town of Wellsville, Ohio (population 3,541), and was Salutatorian of his class of 2009. He went to Ohio State University for undergrad in microbiology/pre-med, cum laude Ohio University HCOM for medical school. Jake knew he wanted to be a doctor in third grade.
His father is a pharmacist and Jake spent time growing up working around the pharmacy and as a pharmacy tech. Jake is the first doctor in his family.
Jake has been an Internal Medicine Resident for 2 years now, currently working at College Medical Center.

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I recently witnessed, for a second time, Dr. Koopman having a conversation with a family and patient of his regarding their goals of care for their loved one and the challenges the family presented. I have to say he brought me to tears with his kind demeanor, compassion of understanding and the way his conversation, over a terminal diagnosis, sounded like an angel. His investment to do what is right for the patient and being such a advocate on behalf of the patient is seldom seen in our healthcare industry. I feel Dr. Koopman deserves this award! Thank you Dr. Jake Koopman for all you do and your compassionate heart! We need more of you.