2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Physician

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Rishi Gupta Rishi Gupta

Rishi Gupta

Position: Medical Director, Palliative and Hospice Medicine

Organization: St. Joseph Home Health & Hospice


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Dr. Gupta graduated from the University of Tennessee - Memphis College of Medicine – in 2006, did his internship in Philadelphia and his residency at Beth Israel Medical Center, New York – finishing in 2011. He has been with St. Joseph Home Health & Hospice since February of 2019. In that short time, he has been named Medical Director of Palliative & Hospice Medicine. He has helped in broadening service to patients with multiple diagnoses, allowing St. Joe’s to serve so many more patients in fragile states.

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Patients and family members have shared that Dr. Gupta is very caring, and he takes the initiative to answer questions that had not been addressed in the past. They share that he is a wonderful and compassionate physician.
One family, in particular, is especially grateful to Dr. Gupta. This is a very large family, with many members living all over. They all truly wanted to help their mother make some difficult decisions and be able to face the end of her life with dignity, but they just couldn’t get all the information necessary in a concise manner. One would hear one thing, another would hear something else, and it left everyone frustrated and confused…and no one was able to fully encourage their mom to sign on to hospice services, even though they felt she probably needed it. And then, Dr. Gupta stepped in.

Dr. Gupta made the time to schedule a meeting that all members of the family could attend – no small feat! Then he explained everything to them, answered questions they didn’t even know they had, made everyone feel they were all on the same page and were able to finally make the best decision with and for their mom. The peace that Dr. Gupta brought them was beyond price.

When you think of dignity, support and going the extra mile for patients, Dr. Gupta is your physician.