2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Executive Director

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Vicki Hallaian Vicki Hallaian

Vicki Hallaian

Position: Administrator

Organization: Optimal Hospice


List your nominee's experience in Senior Care.
Vicki was born in Bakersfield, California, and left by age 5. Her father was a Pastor of a church and she always wanted to go with him to the hospitals to visit patients. Vicki was intrigued with the career of being a nurse, she would dream of one day becoming a nurse. 30 years and 3 kids later she became a nurse! Vicki started in the newborn nursery floating to other related departments bringing life into the world and educating parents and loved it! But there were times when she felt something was missing and she was missing her calling. Then one day, a friend said to her, “you should try hospice”. Vicki didn’t even know what hospice was. When Vicki took a leap of faith and interviewed for the position of hospice admission nurse her interviewer said, “I never hire anyone without hospice experience, but what you have I can’t teach, I will teach you the rest!” It was at that moment 10 years ago where the goosebumps had goosebumps and Vicki jumped in with both feet. Vicki has never looked back and regretted her decision. She is privileged to sit in the seat of Executive Director and DPCS for Optimal Hospice!

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Vicki works every day to build an outstanding team of clinicians, social workers, chaplains and volunteers as a team to create an environment for the community like no other. Vicki has succeeded in building a strong staff all dedicated to the same goal to provide the community with excellence in care for the terminally ill patients and their families. For this reason, I nominate Vicki as Outstanding Executive Director for Senior Serv.