2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Executive Director

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Ameneh Abusafieh Ameneh Abusafieh

Ameneh Abusafieh

Position: Managing Director

Organization: Universal Health Net


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Ameneh Abusafieh is an RN and Managing Director of Universal Health Net providing hospice, palliative and continuous care services. She grew up in Jordan where she fell in love with nursing at an early age because of her desire to care for the elderly and sick. This passion drove her to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Jordan. Later she worked as a clinical health instructor in Jordan's Ministry of Health College. In 2001, Ameneh immigrated with her husband and five children to Orange County, USA. Ameneh was determined to pursue her dream in the US by studying and passing the Kaplan test while working fulltime and raising her young children.

With over 30 years of nursing experience working in major OC hospitals like UCI and 13 years of hospice experience in companies like Vitas, Ameneh really understands and appreciates patient needs and care. Her expertise in hospice and quest to give patients and their loved one’s exceptional service led Ameneh to open Universal Health Net, her own hospice company and vision of quality hospice care. Established for 3 years, Universal Health Net is Joint Commission certified and services patients in OC and LA. Ameneh also hand-picked a multi-lingual team of caring, passionate and professional staff who continue to maintain expertise in their fields. As an RN, Ameneh makes herself available to her hospice patients 24/7. Her vision is epitomized in the company slogan “Caring for our loved ones as our own” because she really does go above and beyond to make sure the patient and their loved ones are part of her extended family by ensuring they feel comfortable and providing the best full-service care possible.

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n the capacity as senior placement specialist for seniors, I have worked with Ameneh and her team on many hospice cases. I have always found Ameneh to be the most compassionate and nurturing nurse and witnessed so many incidents of how she goes above and beyond to make a difference to her patient’s lives. A recent example is where a senior male was quickly diagnosed with only months to live and was refused hospice services by three other companies because he didn’t qualify for benefits. This once active patient became paralyzed in a matter of weeks and was stranded in a Skilled Nursing Facility. He quickly became depressed, sobbing daily because he wanted to be home with his family. Overwhelmed with shock, grief and the unknown; his wife and sons were unsure how they would care for him at home. Ameneh, met with the family and was determined to help. She quickly arranged hospice services to grant the patient and family’s wishes to have him home by Father’s Day. Her staff helped organize the home to fit all the medical equipment, nurses provided caregiver training to the family, and Ameneh even organized free professional caregiving to give the family a break. The entire team at Universal Health Net were involved in the care of this patient and family and were always across every detail. The nurse was also there overnight to comfort the patient and his family in his final hours. All this care was at an out of pocket expense to Universal Health Net, but no services were spared. This story is not unique for Ameneh. She also has patients who have exceeded their hospice benefits, but she maintains their services because she says: “If we don’t look after them, who will?” This truly is a nurse and a company that I would want to look after myself and my loved ones when the time comes for hospice care. She is creating a culture of love and compassion for her team to follow and spread and disrupting the hospice care industry for the better.