2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Senior Care Professional

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John M. Owings John M. Owings

John M. Owings

Position: Director

Organization: Helping Hands Relocation


Describe how your Nominee has exceeded his or her Job Description, becoming a hero to you or others. Provide an example or as much detail as possible of the things that they do that go above and beyond their job description.
John is a retired Marine who found his passion in the senior care industry. In 2001 he established Helping Hands Relocation a boutique relocation company to help with the transition for senior from home to assisted living. Since then, he has been looking for ways to innovate and change the top care industry. Shortly after entering the senior care sector, John established the first email system and online calendar of networking events for senior care professionals. This was a significant change as there was no specific location or central database to go to. Now professionals and family caregivers had a calendar and an email list that informed them about upcoming open houses and educational events about senior care. He did not stop there. He saw that there was a need for transportation as seniors have not been cared for and the transportation companies did not understand what senior’s needs were. In 2003 Helping Hands Relocation expanded its services to include moving trucks. With this expansion, they were able to keep the pricing down for their clients moves as well as assisting communities with internal transfers. This was a new innovation in the SoCal senior industry.
He became involved with many charities and nonprofits to benefits seniors and later established the first south Orange County Networking breakfast. A monthly meeting that allowed industry professionals to network and get to know each other. The attendance exceeded one hundred attendees per session.
In 2017 once again, John partnered up with a some knowledgeable senior care professionals to develop a Mobile Application that revolutionized the senior care industry. Then Helping Hands expanded with the addition of Successful Aging Resources a senior referral company and mobile app. “we are always looking at new and useful innovation to assist the senior industry and benefit our seniors” Said John. This new technology does not only focus on professionals and business that provide resources and services to the elderly but most importantly, it focuses on the caregivers. The industry usually targets services and businesses, but more often than none forget about the more important people who are no other than the patient, their primary caregivers, and family members. John doesn’t forget about them understands what they go through as he had to deal with many elderly family members of his own, including his grandma, father-in-law, and parents.
What makes John a hero is that he always puts seniors and others first. If some are in need of help, he stops everything he is doing, and he goes and helps the one in need. I’ve seen it too many times. There are too many cases to list with elderly seniors in need or even senior care professionals. If someone is in need of a job, he figures out who is hiring and finds them a job. If a senior needs to find a board and care and have no or limited income, he figures out a way to find them a place. No challenge is big enough for John, and he always finds a way to help the ones in need.