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Mickey Wade Mickey Wade

Mickey Wade

Position: Owner, Placement & Referral Specialist

Organization: Senior Living Options of California.


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Mickey has dedicated her life to serving others. As one of the first hospice nurses in Orange County, she has been helping families with end of life care for over 30 years. In fact, she was a hospice nurse before it was even a profession as she started her journey at 21, caring for her grandparents until they passed. Mickey has continued this compassion for seniors in everything she does.

Her company Senior Living Options of California was started 6 years ago to take a personal approach to finding the right home for families. Even if she does not place an individual in assisted living, she is more concerned with providing seniors and their families with the resources to find the best quality care. She helps families navigate this needlessly confusing
system and work with referrers so there is seamless continuity of care.

As an advocate for the elderly and their loved ones, she works to build trust with families and offer guidance on care options to help them not only live well, but thrive. Her time as a past owner of a residential care home in Costa Mesa brought her further experience in the difficulties families face when placing their loved ones in assisted living. In this new role she once again brought her care and dedication to her home on a daily basis. Mickey has offered her time and expertise for numerous hours of pro bono work in educating families as they navigate the daunting medical industry. More importantly she has managed and sat by the bedside of countless patients as they were dying.

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For over 20 years, Mickey was her own mother’s steady rock, advocate, and caregiver. The time came when staying home alone would no longer be safe and Mickey, of course, took her mother into her own home to care for her for over 4 years. Eventually this became too difficult and another living situation was needed. Despite her expertise, the role of a daughter
finding care was very different than the professional one and brought her further perspective in the emotional maze that families work through in the process.

Another example of Mickey’s dedication is a current one. Mickey works with a young adult daughter and her mother. The daughter is bed bound and dying of cancer while the mother lives with dementia in an assisted living community. They both needed each other's love and wanted to be together, but so many obstacles, from exorbitant medical costs to frequent hospitalizations, were keeping them apart. Over several months, she provided resources, guidance, and emotional support all the while not knowing when or how a solution would develop. It was important to find the right fit since they both had very different needs. Through persistence and experience, Mickey was able to find a wonderful, loving, and qualified residential care home where they are now living together and thriving. Because of the care, attention, and hard work of everyone involved, the daughter may now be able to have surgery for her cancer and a chance at living longer.

Mickey’s empathy, honesty, compassion and medical knowledge is why she is in a class of her own.


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5.0  (385)
Mickey Wade 2019-08-22 10:54:39 Michelle Selander
Voted by SCHA Community Member    August 22, 2019

Thank you Mickey for all that you do!!

Mickey Wade 2019-08-16 11:35:15 Valerie Riddle
Voted by SCHA Community Member    August 16, 2019

What a pleasure it is to work with Mickey and to know that I can refer patients to her for assistance at a difficult time of ones life.

Mickey Wade 2019-08-16 09:46:25 Toni Shapiro
Voted by SCHA Community Member    August 16, 2019

I met Mickey many years ago at the Laguna Beach hospital, and knew her to have a wonderful reputation and a kind heart. She has dedicated her career to helping others. She truly deserves this nomination and award.

Mickey Wade 2019-08-16 08:10:32 Penny Laney
Voted by SCHA Community Member    August 16, 2019

Mickey, is so very helpful in all senior placements, great big heart, not to mention the best brownies

Mickey Wade 2019-08-15 20:01:32 Shirley Lain
Voted by SCHA Community Member    August 15, 2019

She has always been their for every call and question. What a servant well deserving this honor