2019 SCHA Awards
Outstanding Senior Care Professional

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Susana Harris Susana Harris

Susana Harris

Position: Manager of Care Delivery

Organization: 24 Hour Home Care


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Since Susana got her start at 24 Hour Home Care, she has worn many hats and has impacted so many lives. Susana started in 2014 as an Account Manager working hard to be a difference maker in the lives of her clients and caregivers. She quickly excelled in her role as her compassionate demeanor made her a natural at building trust, confidence, and peace of mind with the seniors that she served. In 2018, Susana received 24 Hour Home Care's highest honor of Manager of the Year for her expert management of 24 Hour Home Care's Care Delivery team in Orange County. Her team describes her as a motivating force who encourages all around her to strive to be the best version of themselves so that they can in turn give their best to their seniors. Susana focuses on constantly driving awareness of the impact that a caregivers mark can have on the life of a senior who may be fully dependent on their care. She often times goes above an beyond to make sure that every senior gets the highest level of care, dignity, and respect.

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Susana is a difference maker. I define a Difference Maker as an individual who sees themselves outside of their daily job responsibilities and instead sees the difference to be made in the lives of their seniors, caregivers, coworkers, and community. Susana truly embodies this definition. She is thoughtful and caring. She works tirelessly, often times very late hours, to ensure that both her team and her clients are satisfied. She provides management over a special group of dozens and dozens of seniors in the Orange County community with financial hardship who receive care from her front line staff a few times a week. This is a remarkable group of seniors because often times their 1 to 2 visits from their caregiver each week is the only socialization they get outside of the friendly meals on wheels deliveries. Susana feels personally connected to the purpose that these caregivers create in the lives of each one of these seniors whom they support. She is a true hero in the eyes of these seniors, her support staff, her front line care staff, and all who are blessed to be able to feel her impact.