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Jasper Banes

Jasper Banes

Position: Registered nurse

Organization: OC Hospice


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
I am proud to nominate Jasper Banes, R.N. for this prestigious award. Jasper was born in the Philippines where his mother (a nurse) pushed him to explore the field of nursing. Personally, I am so glad that she did this, because now our OC Hospice patients can benefit from his patient, caring, compassionate manner.

It wasn’t until Jasper experienced the clinical side of nursing that his love for it took full hold. Being with patients made all the difference, when he discovered that the practical application of all his studies could be applied to real life.

Jasper came to the U.S. following graduation and he really enjoyed his first professional job as a Med Tech. He found working closely with patients very satisfying.

All that changed when his Dad became sick. He wished he could do more to help his Dad, who had done so much for Jasper and his family. This motivated him to take the steps necessary to become a Registered Nurse. Though he fulfilled his promise to his Dad, it still bothers Jasper’s heart that his nursing certification came too late for him to experience.
Jasper’s first nursing job was in a skilled nursing facility, where he was responsible for 20 patients within an 8 hour shift. Though he fulfilled those responsibilities, he always felt like he needed more time with each patient to truly provide individualized care.

This frustration led him to research other nursing careers, which eventually brought him to hospice. Again he thought of his Dad, who had been on hospice and Jasper knew this is finally where he had to be.

Why should this person be nominated

Lyn Kennedy, Administrator and CEO of OC Hospice appreciates that, “He is unfailingly willing to work 5 days a week and then weekends to provide our patients with any extra help they need. His flexibility is truly appreciated! He is willing to take on everything he is asked to do and he never says, ‘no’.”

She also believes, “Jasper has been an enormous part of the success of OC Hospice. As part of the founding team, he took charge and carried the weight of building the clinical team. I feel strongly that if we didn’t have Jasper, we wouldn’t have such a good patient/family satisfaction rating. He has handled patient care with tact, caring and understanding.”

She jokingly admits that she has told Jasper “not to expect a reference from me, since I expect you to be at OC Hospice forever!”

“My long experience working with Jasper as the charge nurse at OC Hospice gives me much to say about him”, says co-worker Friday Osabuohien, LVN Team Leader. “When it comes to patient care, Jasper is the right person for the task. His unique touch not only makes patients relax and feel comfortable, but he reaches out to the entire family as well. Jasper is open to feedback and has the ability to motivate them to achieve their goals. He’s responsible, dependable and has a good listening ear. He doesn’t quit until the job is done. He certainly deserves to be recognized!!”

Lyn Kennedy explains that “Jasper has now asked to step down from the role of Director of Nursing, because he wants to spend more time with his patients and less on the paperwork needed to manage the department, and, though I understand his motives I will miss him in the DON role.”

As a nurse, and not DON, Jasper now finds he can spend as much time as he needs with each patient to, as he states, “feel what they are feeling and to stand in their shoes to understand what they are going through.”

His recognition of the importance of walking in their shoes, really being with them during a difficult time and respecting them as individuals adds to what makes Jasper a Senior Care Hero.

“He has a big heart and he loves what he does,” states Norma Zepeda, Office Manager of OC Hospice.

He has a special love for seniors, especially toward those who have Dementia…he has the gift of patience.

As Jasper explains, “They may always be repeating the same things, but it is a gift from God to have patience toward them.”

He adds that he’s still learning from the OC Hospice Team, “Everyone is teaching me something new…the volunteers, the home health aides, the social worker…everyone!”

I believe his motivation to learn, his willingness to do whatever it takes to care for his patients, his patience and his obvious love for what he does makes Jasper the perfect candidate for the Senior Care Hero Award as Outstanding Nurse.