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Eldon Harris

Eldon Harris

Position: volunteer

Organization: Orange Senior Center


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
I am nominating ex-Marine Eldon Harris, who has been a volunteer at the Orange Senior Center for 18 years. Mr. Harris volunteers his time, energy and vehicle every day to pick up food donations to be distributed to seniors at the center. Mr. Harris also helps on USDA food distribution and “Brown Bag” days several times a month.

Why should this person be nominated
Mr. Harris, who is almost 90 years old, is dependable, and he does his volunteer duties every day, rain or shine. He takes pride in his duties and responsibilities. He is always willing to help out when asked and seeks nothing in return.

Mr. Harris often brings candy, chocolates or other little treats to pass around to the seniors, and these simple acts of kindness make everyone’s day sweeter.

Mr. Harris is a veteran (“Once a Marine, always a Marine,” he says) who works hard and should be recognized. He deserves to be Volunteer of the Year, hands down!