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Susan Paulsin

Susan Paulsin

Position: Social Worker

Organization: St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Susan has been a social worker for many years, both working in behavioral health, acute care, emergency room and ambulatory care.

Why should this person be nominated
Susan has been instrumental in helping our senior population. She has been a resource to her paitients as well as to our staff. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to help her patients or co-workers. Susan helped find family for one of our confused patients that lived alone, was no longer able to drive. He was widowed, and had no children. She was able to locate his next of kin in Canada. She was able to communicate with this family member, and help coordinate the care this patient needed, like caregiver, senior transportation, meals on wheels, etc. This patient thrived for many months, until a fall, started a decline in his health, which eventually lead to his death. The patient and his family were deeply touched by all the work and compassion that Susan gave to them.