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Wanda Crow

Wanda Crow

Position: President

Organization: Horizon Support Services


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Wanda Crow is President and Founder of Horizon Support Services In-home care agency. As an experienced, respected professional, she has been serving Orange County seniors for many years, with a focus on improving ethics and professional standards in the home care industry

She was an early Board member, helping to organize the American Board of Home Care, designing and defining recognized industry standards of ethical and educational policies for In-Home Care agencies to follow and maintain.

Wanda also devotes many hours to assisting Parkinson’s disease patients and their care partners. She serves on the board of the Orange County Parkinson’s Foundation. She looks for every opportunity to promote awareness and education about Parkinson’s to professionals and families. She started a successful Parkinson’s support group in Fullerton, which supplies fellowship and education to anyone in the area affected by this disease. She has organized and engaged top local physician experts to provide educational seminars to the public.

Why should this person be nominated
It's a little-known fact that the Senior Care Hero Awards annual event was started in 2011 by a small local collaborative association called "Answers", with Wanda Crow as one of the leaders. Wanda's leadership and guidance enabled this worthy cause to finally become a reality. She believed so strongly in the vision of honoring the unsung heroes of senior care, that she volunteered her own funds to reserve the Nixon Library as the venue for the first years' event.

Wanda is a selfless advocate for improved care, education and funding for Parkinson's disease. Although she is nearly 70, and has struggled with some serious health challenges, she works more hours than most people half her age, and dedicates much of her time to supporting programs for seniors. She has not taken a vacation in at least ten years.

Wanda is also a past Board Member and continues to be an active member of the North Orange County Senior Collaborative (NOCSC), hosted by St. Jude Medical Center. Wanda helped to develop and teach the popular monthly 'Senior Resources 101' class offered by the Collaborative.

In short, Wanda Crow's tireless efforts, abundant compassion and generous use of her own time and skills have served to benefit countless seniors in many capacities throughout Southern California. She has also helped to create the foundation of Senior Care Hero Awards as a premier event to recognize those deserving people who make a difference in the lives of seniors.