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Gordon Glasgow

Gordon Glasgow

Position: Founding Medical Director

Organization: Hospice Care of California


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dr. Gordon A. Glasgow, MD, FACP, has served our patients since 1992 as the founding Medical Director of Hospice Care of California. He graduated from the University of Toronto and specializes in Internal Medicine, with a sub-specialty in Cardio-Vascular Disease. Dr. Glasgow is recognized as a leading expert in Geriatric Care and is Board Certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. As a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, Dr. Glasgow earned this distinction for his many accomplishments and achievements within the community. As Medical Director for numerous Orange County companies involved in senior care, Dr. Glasgow’s emphasis is in post-acute care including skilled nursing facility-based Geriatrics and Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

Why should this person be nominated
An Admissions Nurse calls him “a man of wisdom” and other observations (from hospice staff) describe Dr. Gordon Glasgow “as a highly professional, incredibly competent, very approachable and available physician. When called for advice or orders at all hours of the day or night, Dr. Glasgow answers the phone to immediately assist in meeting the needs of the patient and/or family. He is described as a ‘caring educator’, always including both patient and family, taking time to explain the who, what, why, and how of a treatment plan and answering questions so that patients and their families can make the best informed choice possible. Additionally, his patient, calm voice in a crisis allows patients, families, and health care teams to explore options in meeting the medical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient.

Dr. Glasgow goes above and beyond the call of duty. Whether meeting with a family to offer support at a difficult time or spending 1½ hours with a homeless patient to assist with resources, Dr. Glasgow is giving of his heart and generous with his time. He treats everyone with dignity and respect regardless of their background; making each feel they are the most important person in that moment. Busy, but never rushed and always thorough, Dr. Glasgow’s genuine care and concern for others and the tender way he delivers medical care never fails to win the trust and love of his patients and families.”

Maryann Maynard, RN, Director of Nursing at Walnut Village Rehabilitation and Care Center: “I am proud to say that our community is blessed to have Dr. Glasgow as part of our team. Dr. Glasgow has been the Medical Director at Walnut Village for 22 years. He has done a tremendous effort to assist the community in providing excellence in human services. His visibility, expertise, knowledge and guidance had kept Walnut Village a ‘Five Star’ and (we) will continue to be 5 stars with his guidance. One of the best qualities Dr. Glasgow has is his passion and dedication in inspiring communities in finding new ways to meet needs. His commitment to collaboration and innovation and taking up actions is enhancing the life of the people we serve. One of the best qualities I would like to add is ‘commitment’. Dr. Glasgow is always available, you can call him anytime of the day and (he) will respond 24/7 with resolution to any concern. His personal professional commitment and refined skill is the most powerful tool in supporting an organization’s mission and goals. One of the recent projects he supported is (the) Walnut Village Antibiotic Stewardship. He plays a big role in achieving a decline in the excessive use of ‘Antibiotic without Symptoms’ that fit the criteria of a true infection. With his involvement in educating other physicians (and his collaborative effort in training and educating the staff), the rate for Antibiotic usage went down tremendously this quarter. With this said I truly believe Dr. Glasgow deserves to receive the Senior Care Hero Award (for Outstanding Physician-Specialist). I honor his ingenuity, humanity, and compassion that define and affirm commitment to excellence in human services.”