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Jan Brooks, MSW

Jan Brooks, MSW

Position: Department of Social Work Supervisor

Organization: Acacia Adult Day Services


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Jan Brooks has been the Supervisor of the Social Work Department at Acacia Adult Day Services for close to two decades. Her responsibilities include: providing guidance, support, & supervision to the 3 social workers who work under her lead, responding to informational phone calls/in person walk-ins/set appointments to educate inquiries about the adult day health care/day care program, performing in-take assessment, conducting home visits, providing ongoing case management and counseling services/reassessment, linking clients with community resources, building a relationship with the participants/their family members, facilitating care giver support groups which is open to the community, representing the organization during community outreach events, advocating for participants, providing psychosocial support to participants,and participating in interdisciplinary team (nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dieticians…) to ensure optimum care for the elderly and functionally impaired participants in the center.

Why should this person be nominated
Jan Brooks obtained her Master’s Degree in Social Work at UCLA, and has been working with the geriatrics population ever since. She has been working with the elderly over 15 years, particularly with seniors with cognitive and physical impairments. She is the Supervisor of the Social Work Department at Acacia Adult Day Services, an Adult Day Health Care and Adult Day Care located in Garden Grove, but this is just her official job title because Jan does so much more. She’s usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. She always first in line when it comes to serving her organization and its participants. She wears many hats – from kitchen help, meals server, transportation attendant, appointment coordinator, counselor, support group facilitator, multi-sensory session lead, advocator, janitor, center gardener, marketing representative, family consultant, to case manager. Jan always does whatever it takes, making the stretch to ensure the needs of participants at the program are met. Jan is known for always going that extra mile. Her compassion, commitment, and sensitivity to each individual participant makes her a hero and a professional I look up to.