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Carrie Domene

Carrie Domene

Position: Staff RN

Organization: Anaheim Regional Medical Center


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Carrie has been an RN for 4 years at Anaheim Regional Medical Center, where she was hired as a new graduate nurse. Since her hire she has graduated from her BSN program, and has become a leader on the Medical Surgical Telemetry department. She is a part of the Unit Based Team, she champions the Core Measure initiatives, and she keeps bullitin boards up to date. She just recently was named employee of the month in her dept.

Why should this person be nominated
The average age of the patients that Carrie takes care of is 72.She has defined the "Art of Listening". I observe her sitting on the side of the bed of the elderly holding thier hand, and truly hearing what they are telling her. She designs her day to meet their needs, not just what the MD has ordered, and delivering nursing care, but what does the individual need from her. She ensures safety understanding their need for independance and to feel respected. I see her making her seniors patient's feel valued, an intricle part of thier own care, and she works around their patterns of consistency that makes them feel that they are in control over their existence. She most recently had a patient who wanted to go back to their home, but it would be an unsafe discharge. The granddaughter was the only family in the area, and she wanted only the best for her grandmother. Because of her work schedule it was difficult for her to be involved in the planning process. Carrie stepped in and took over the role for her. She spent a lot of time working with Case Management to find a skilled facility close to the grand daughter to facilitate her visiting as much as possible, and one that would meet the physical and psychological needs of the patient. Carrie got to know the patient, understand her fears, and learned that is was her little poodle that she was so worried about. Carrie was able to arrange for a neighbor to watch the poodle, and called the skilled facility to see if there was a patio that the patient could go to where the dog could pay a visit. Carrie called the Grand daughter and kept her abreast of the plans and when the ambulance had the patient on the gurney, she put the patient on the phone so the two could talk which made them both feel at ease. The granddaughter called and expressed how much she appreciated Carrie and said she did not know nurses like this still existed. The patient gave her a kiss on the cheek and waved goodbye.