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Lahoma Snyder

Lahoma Snyder

Position: Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Organization: Council on Aging - Orange County


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Lahoma has been an Ombudsman, advocating for seniors who reside in long-term care facilities for 24 years. She has many facilities in the city of Anaheim, including skilled nursing facilities, large assisted living facilities and small 6 bed board and care facilities. She is very dedicated to her residents and works diligently to give them a voice to advocate for themselves, speak up on behalf of those who cannot speak up for themselves, restore dignity and respect to the residents and listen to their complaints and concerns. Sometimes she is the only person a resident may have in their life, to listen to them and advocate for them. She investigates all complaints received, which can be anything from the food is always cold to my caregiver is abusing me. She has twice been recognized by the Orange County Register, for the work she does. She gives personal care to any resident who needs her.

Why should this person be nominated
Her years of dedication and commitment to this population are outstanding, especially considering her age. She is 80 years old and still works about 40 hours a week protecting & listening to her residents. She had a resident, Sandra, who lived in a facility and desperately wanted to return to her home. Sandra worked very hard to regain her strength and health so that she could return home. She had full mental capacity, so she had a right to make this decision. However, the facility and her doctors tried to prevent her from going home. She had no family to advocate for her, so Lahoma stepped in. She fought to help Sandra return to her home. Sandra was able to go home and lived there for 8 very good months, until she passed away. She wanted to pass in her own home and due to Lahoma’s advocacy and hard work, she was able to do so. She was able to leave this earth, with her dignity and in a place of comfort and love. Lahoma made the difference in this woman’s life and death.