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Rebecca Forrest

Rebecca Forrest

Position: Executive Director/Administrator at Advanced Rehab Center Tustin

Organization: Advanced Rehab Center of Tustin


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?

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Rebecca has always been a caring and loving individual she doesn’t like to be in the spotlight and instead prefers to give the honors to others. When Rebecca walks into her Skilled Nursing Facility for the first time she always begins the task of insuring that both her staff and residents thrive in this environment. This requires her to give both physically and emotionally of herself. The selfless acts she does, when no one is around is what makes her a Hero in our eyes.
In Rebecca’s book the resident’s welfare comes first, even before her own. She can sometimes be found in her building at midnight checking on the welfare of her residents. When asked why, she simply states “I just want to check on them”.
Rebecca has worked in many facilities over the years and she has many physicians, staff and residents who can tell you story after story about how genuinely she cares not only for her residents but for her staff as well.
One year in order for Rebecca to develop a mechanism of dialogue with her residents, she conducted resident advisory panels. During those meetings the residents told her how they want “their” home to be run. She sat and listened. Some of the great ideas that came from those meetings were things like Friday dinners specific to the resident’s specifications. The residents love to hear about Rebecca’s passion for cooking and her adventures into the culinary world, she has been known to personally prepare a specific meal for them from maybe one of her culinary adventures in Paris. The aromas permeated the facility and everyone knew Rebecca’s in the kitchen cooking a special meal for her residents.
Rebecca has also made the wishes of many of her residents come true in other ways. Baseball is big in the lives of many of our senior residents and Rebecca realized this. So one day, Rebecca arranged for about a dozen seniors to have a special night out and attend an Angel’s baseball game. The residents still thank her for making it possible for them to attend.
Rebecca genuinely enjoys making her residents happy. She addresses their issues promptly and has made all her residents feel loved and cared for.
The staff adores her. She takes care of them as well. She ensures they have a great employee lounge and supplies them snacks and makes food available to her staff for free. She treats her staff the way she expects them to treat the residents.
She is always available for families. The level of satisfaction increase with Rebecca’s attention to detail. She is able to communicate with families in a language that they can understand. Not just because she is bi-lingual but because she breaks the explanations down to level s that put everyone at ease.
Rebecca’s enthusiasm and selflessness extend beyond the walls of the facility in which she works. On weekends you can find her assisting in the community, or helping her nurses do Health Fairs in the parks in collaboration with doctors in the community.
Rebecca is our “Senior Care Hero”; she exceeds all expectations that are put before her. She has excelled in taking care of the residents which is her primary responsibility. She has nurtured the staff to a point that she does not have to doubt the level of care that will be delivered to every resident who enters her building. The families, traditionally the toughest crowd to please, are definitely in her corner. Her activities in the community have substantially improved the standing and reputation of her facility.
If the residents were writing this nomination letter we know they would say much more then we have said. We hope that we have at least touched on some of the things that need to be said about our MVP because she goes above and beyond every day.

Thank you,
Former and Current employees