Position: Co - Founder, and Senior Management
Executive of CareCHOICES


Join us in congratulating Ed Schrum on his Senior Care Hero Humanitarian Award!

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  • Kathy Brown
    Congratulations Ed!
    So well deserved...
    Kathy Brown
  • Hollis Parmely
    Congratulations Ed! Your dedication and kindness through the years, I wasn't surprised at all to see your name.
  • Tom Schrum
    Congratulations Uncle Ed. Well deserved, I’m sure.
  • Patti Berman & Marcelo Rubio
    Congratulations!!! So incredibly well deserved !
  • Elva LEdesma
    Congratulations Ed!!
  • Susan Papiri
    Everything Ed does, everything he is about, is directed towards others. Congratulations, Ed - you are the definition of a humanitarian and you more than deserve this honor.
  • William