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Brent Deines

Position: Facilities Director

Organization: Alzheimer's Orange County


Whether it’s caring for his parents or taking care of three buildings that serve older adults, Brent does it with a smile and with the upmost integrity a person can have. Just when you think it’s time to relax over the weekend, Brent starts his caregiving role for his now ailing father. After the passing of his mother, Brent made the difficult decision to move his father closer so that he may provide more care. Brent works tirelessly to provide all the social care, support and medical attent ...

Rosa Garza

Position: Family Care Giver

Organization: Family Member Hero


Rosa is such an outstanding family member who takes such compassionate and quality care of her parents as well as the patients in her work. She is always smiling, laughing, doing activities with her parents and patients to keep them laughing, entertained and providing relief to their quality of life. Rosa is non stop taking care of everyone around her.

2 results - showing 1 - 2