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Adrienne Norquist

Position: Nurse Practitioner - Certified

Organization: Healthcare Partners Torrance


Adrienne always goes above and beyond with her patients. This beautiful, intelligent Nurse Practitioner shows so much compassion for the care and outcome of her patients, knows every patient and family member in their first visit, listens to her patients and families and gives state-of-art care to everyone involved. She works as a community partner and her communication skills far exceed the average healthcare provider. I wish all my kids would grow up to be like Adrienne! She is a miracle wor ...

April Aloiau

Position: DNP

Organization: Sea Crest


I like to call her aloha April because she does a beautiful farewell hula as her patients pass. While working on her doctoral degree in nursing she continued her work with patients and balanced work and family life because patient especially seniors are her passion

Just recently She supported a previous family member through their own hospice journey only as a friend & resource never as a paid professional. She was the RN for her brother who lived with her. When her own diagnosis of cance ...

Cheryl Villasenor

Position: Nurse Practitioner and Manager of Quality Assurance

Organization: Housecall Doctors Medical Group


In the early years of the home-based medical practice, patients -- and sometimes other clinicians -- were skeptical of this type of clinical support. Cheryl faced quite a few obstacles to coordinating and leading in-home care. However Cheryl has always been a strong advocate for her patients and has never been afraid of a challenge! “Being allowed into the intimacy of someone’s personal space is such an honor” says Cheryl. “I enjoy learning about their lives, hearing their stories and ...

G. Jay Westbrook

Position: Clinical Director

Organization: Compassionate Journey


Jay speaks and consults nationally, at both the keynote and breakout levels, on the constellation of issues, surrounding End-Of-Live, and recently has published a powerfully moving book of stories which illustrate the tools he's cultivated in three decades of working with the dying and grieving. Jay is an informative, entertaining and inspiring speaker who presents powerfully on the transformative aspects of suffering and on using suffering to awaken compassion. Jay has served as a consult ...

Giles Ordinario

Position: Case Manager

Organization: Kaiser South Bay


If I have to describe Giles in a few words, I would say that he is; an Innovator, Caring, Respected, and the utmost Honest individual. He has a long track record of success and innovation. This success is not about him, no. Everything he does is to better the quality of care for his senior patients. He was the most crucial driver of the readmission prevention program; A program that was made not only by the hospital staff but most importantly, by the senior care providers. Companies such as SNFs ...

Marietta Mauhay

Position: Case Manager

Organization: UCI Medical Center


There is no better story that encapsulates the dedication Marietta has to her patients than the story of Bob. Bob is an artist/bartender who suffered a stroke. Bob arrived to Marietta's unit facing a new normal that that couldn't be further from his historical day to day. Marietta assisted Bob in finding a Primary Care Physician, something Bob had never had. She fought tooth and nail to get Bob the inpatient care that he needed even when the insurance payers were threatening to cut ...

Nicole Sanchez

Position: Charge Nurse

Organization: SILVERADO


Silverado has the privilege to honor Nicole by nominating her in recognition of her devotion and skills and love provided to the vulnerable population affected by memory impairment diseases. Nicole Sanchez is always proactive and talented; she goes above and beyond providing quality nursing care to ensure resident’s well being and to bring a smile to their face.
A family member once said “My loved one was having a bad day, getting agitated and refusing his blood drawn by a Lab technician. I ...

Vaneza Vargas

Position: LVN

Organization: Universal Health Net


How Vaneza granted a dying senior man's last wish and blessed his family with one of the best days of their lives.
Recently we had a senior hospice patient diagnosed with three brain tumors who was paralyzed on one side of his body rendering him bed bound. He was in a Skilled Nursing Facility but wanted to get home for Father’s Day to be with his sons. His wife was overwhelmed with how to care for him. Universal Health Net paid out of pock and organized a professional caregiver to help th ...

8 results - showing 1 - 8